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Hole Ten

Par 4, Yards 424, Stroke Index 8

Hole Ten

Par 4, Yards 424, Stroke Index 8
Peter Baker's
Course Guide
Low Handicap Player

If your drive is too straight or too long then you’re going to be out of bounds. Take a 3 wood off the tee if the wind is behind you. The line here is the right edge of the trees on the left. For your second shot, avoid the left hand bunker – it can be deadly. The green itself runs left to right.

Higher Handicap Player

This hole is a slicer’s nightmare. All of the trouble is on the right including out of bounds along the hedge. With your second shot if you can clear the cross bunkers your ball will run to the green. If you lay up, then go to the right of the green to keep away from the left hand bunker.

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