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Hole Eighteen

Par 4, Yards 346, Stroke Index 16

Hole Eighteen

Par 4, Yards 346, Stroke Index 16
Peter Baker's
Course Guide
Low Handicap Player

From the back tee this can appear a very tight hole. A straight drive is at a premium with Out of Bounds on the right though for much of the time a prevailing right to left wind will be in your favour. The second shot is into a well bunkered green with Out of Bounds both  to the right and behind the green. Stay short of the hole – the green slopes away from the clubhouse.

Higher Handicap Player

You’ve made it this far. Now all that is required is a straight drive. For your second shot it’s a very narrow entrance to the green and the bunkers are deep. The good news is that it’s only thirty five yards to the 19th. You’ve deserved it.

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