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Hole Three

Par 4, Yards 365, Stroke Index 5

Hole Three

Par 4, Yards 365, Stroke Index 5
Peter Baker's
Course Guide
Low Handicap Player

Do you take on the fairway bunker and bring the Out of Bounds into play? An ideal drive aims for the bunker with a slight draw to bring it left. This gives the bonus of a short iron into a difficult green. Laying up short of the bunker gives you a straight shot into the green with a longer iron. This is a really difficult green – the two bunkers will punish a shot that goes left and the slope on the green means that you should aim to putt from below the pin.

Higher Handicap Player

With your drive favour the right side of the fairway. The line is the bunker but lay up short of it – possibly with a 3 wood. This will give you a straight shot into the green. Keep to the right side of the green below the hole and aim to putt up the slope. The shot to the green here always plays an extra 5 yards uphill.

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