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Hole Four

Par 4, Yards 355, Stroke Index 13

Hole Four

Par 4, Yards 355, Stroke Index 13
Peter Baker's
Course Guide
Low Handicap Player

If downwind, the big hitters have a real chance of hitting the green with their drive but the bunkers on this hole make it a risky option unless you’re on top of your game. The safe and sensible route to the green is to lay up short of the first bunker and then take a pitching wedge into the green.

Higher Handicap Player

Take it easy on this one. A nice straight shot down the middle, short of the bunkers will give you a second shot that needs to be carefully placed. The green swings from right to left but it does come in from both sides so a shot to the green should go toward the middle. Avoid going long – the green falls away sharply at the back making it a difficult pitch shot back.

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