Junior Golf Academy

Mark Shervill, Director of the Shervill Golf Academy knows that he is a lucky man.

“For the last twenty years I have been very fortunate because my job is my hobby. By dedicating my professional life to the coaching of others I have helped thousands of people enjoy the game of golf as much as I do. Be they young or old, experienced or novice I have used my knowledge and enthusiasm for the game to improve theirs”. It is this enthusiasm that is at the heart of the Shervill Golf Academy.

“Watching youngsters taking up the game and playing with their parents and grandparents gives me such a buzz. I started playing the game with my dad and I now take great pride in playing golf with my children Jacob and Lilly together with my wife Lisa who is also a professional golfer and part of our coaching team. One of the most fulfilling activities we organise is our Family Golfing Fun Days which are always well supported.”

For children the school holiday is the perfect time to get into golf. The Shervill Golf Academy has many children, a number as young as five, who are enrolled in the “Mini Masters” class.

Other options include:
  • The Junior Coaching Programme; meets every Saturday between 12 noon and 4pm.
  • The Ladies Programme (run by Lisa); meets every other Tuesday at 10.30am.
  • The Over 50’s Programme; meets every Monday at 11am.
  • The Learn Together as a Family Programme; meets on the first Wednesday of the month between 6.30 pm and 7.30pm.
  • For more details on any of the above, contact the professional shop (option 2) on 01902 751065.

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